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What is Karaoke?
  • Karaoke originated in Japan.
  • Karaoke has been around since 1983
  • Karaoke is singing to pre-existing songs. Your voice replaces the original lead singer. The background music and supporting singers are left intact.
  • Karaoke music is a reproduction of the original song without the lead vocal.
  • The difference with Karaoke media (CDGs, CDGMs, VCD's and DVDs) is that the lead singerís voice is removed but the background voices and the music is still present. In short, if you want to sing a Faith Hill song, Karaoke media removes Faith's voice and you sing in her place.
  • The same songs may be on several different cd's. Many different manufacturers make cd's with the same songs as each other. However, be careful, the cheaper cd's may be of a lesser quality.
What is the difference between regular CDs and Karaoke CDs?
  • Regular CD's are recordings of the original artist. These recordings may have been made in a recording studio or from live concerts. Karaoke CD's are reproduced creations recorded by each manufacturer. The manufacturer will hire independent artists and bands to recreate songs done in the likeness of the original artist. They are not the original artist's recordings. Manufacturers' interpretation of like songs will sound different throughout different manufacturers. Also, Karaoke CDs have the capability of removing the lead singer's voice.
What is Karaoke media?
  • Karaoke media consists of Laser Discs, CDGs (Compact Disc plus Graphics), CDGMs (Compact Disc plus Graphics Multiplex), VCD's (Video Compact Discs) and DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs). Laser Discs and DVDs are not presently being produced.
  • Laser Discs represent older media they are 12" while all others are 5".
  • DVDs are going through the growing pains of new technologies. Sooner or later, itís likely they will appear.
  • CDGs usually have 15 songs per each disc and have the lead singerís voice removed. Lyrics appear on your TV screen for singing along. CDGs are usually purchased by professionals and serious Karaoke enthusiasts.
  • CDGMs usually have 8 songs per each disc and have the lead singerís voice intact. Itís removed by a balance control on your player or by a special multiplex button on your player. Lyrics appear on your TV screen for singing along.
  • VCD's usually have 11 songs per each disc and have the lead singerís voice removed. The difference with VCD's is that the lyrics that play on your TV screen are shown on top of a short movie created for that song. These are also purchased by professionals and the serious Karaoke enthusiast.
  • Each form of media requires that you have a Karaoke compatible player. When purchasing, please check your player manual for compatibility.
How do I decide what I should be buying?
  • Most of your choices will be based upon the level of enthusiasm you have for Karaoke. Higher levels of enthusiasm warrant higher quality equipment and media. If you have an existing player, reading the manual will let you know the type of media it will play. Usually, your Karaoke player will play CDG and CDGM Karaoke format. Descriptions are below. CDGs have no lead vocals, are more expensive and usually associated with the serious or veteran enthusiast. CDGMs have the lead vocals intact, are less expensive and usually associated with the beginners.
General Information
  • Karaoke Cd's can be played on your home stereo. You will be able to practice singing by listening to the music, however, the lyrics will not come up on the TV screen.
  • Karaoke machines can hook up to your T.V. You must either hook the machine up to the "video" input in the back of your T.V. or you can hook it up through your VCR or with an RF modulator
  • You can hook up you Karaoke Machine to your stereo for a full stereo effect. Your stereo must have audio inputs in the back (red and white). Aux works but not phono.
What are starter packs?
  • Normally, you would purchase Karaoke media as a single disc. For the serious and professional KJs, this would be cost prohibitive. Manufacturers assemble their own multiple disc packs to save you money. As with other products, the more you buy, the cheaper each one gets. Usually, manufacturers try to respond to the market demands by assembling both the broad category packs and also specific category packs. In short, if you only intended to sing country or gospel, you would seek out packs specifically for those categories.
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